Saturday, June 30, 2012

I made a thing a few days ago! A creepy as hell Saint Spock embroidered picture! He's embroidered onto a stretched canvas, and so I listed it on my Etsy store. less than 24 hours later, he SOLD. OMG.

Also it looks like he's coming onto you. SO ILLOGICAL

The same day, I got a call from the local radio station, I had won 2 pizzas, a coke, and garlic bread for free! (it was DELICIOUS, by the way.)

Gotta love luck and sales!

I've finally finished downloading that Martha Stewart Scrapbooking app thing, and it's not bad! As someone who's not that into scrabooking, I have been having fun just throwing things together, and seeing what happens.

I think some features are limited, like the border shaping, and more glitter colours would be nice, but I think that will happen when you start getting more in app purchases. you *can* mix and match with the themes, which is a nice thing.

here are a couple of my play goes:

on another note, I went floss hunting today! I got all but ONE colour from the DMC range at my local Spotlight crapstore (not a typo, sadly), and only had to get one anchor colour that was missing. Why can't they keep the damn racks *stocked*? :(

BUTBUT BUT BUT BUTT BUM BUT!!!!!!111!!!!!elevenytone!!!!!

I have all the colours I need to start working on Reindeer motifs for covered notebooks, for my neice (Rudolph) and Stepmum (Prancer) :D

Saturday, June 16, 2012

..What now?
It's here - it should open in a new tab, and i've got a few pics up.

I've been doing a few things while i've been net-less, and i've got a few things I haven't shared yet.
Might be a bit NSFW - you have been warned.

And a WIP that should be done sometime today, depending how distracted I get:

I've been organizing myself for the next couple of things i'm going to do as big projects, a.k.a christmas gifts. I can't talk about one, in case the recipient sees this blog, but the other is a Graf Zeppelin stamp pattern for my fiancee. Three colours it uses, but this thing will be quite big! at 18ct i'm looking at 12.25" x 7.75", or roughly 31.10cm x 19.68cm. I plan to do it on 14ct though, so it's going to be bigger!
Pic from the booklet, of finished image:

I've also been going to classes, to refresh myself on resume writing, pain management, and an info session on a course i'm going to do - medical terminology, so I can (hopefully) get back into working at the local hospital as a Medical typist, or Ward Clerk or something.

Next week i'm off to an interview skills class, and in a few weeks, i've got a Disability Disclosure (when's it best to tell prospective employers things, all that jazz) so i'm stuffing new things into my skull, lets just hope that old learning doesn't get pushed out!

Even though it was where my current health issues started, I always enjoyed working at the hospital, and best of all - if I can get into the Local hospital, it's *really* close to home. Like, I can see it from my front door. A literal ten minute walk, and that's when traffic is bad. Plus there is the comforting fact that I know a lot more about what the hell i'm doing, and don't feel as much as a novice. :)

Failing that, I'd like to retry to get into the Aged Care sector, again, as a 'back of house' person, because people piss me off, to put it bluntly.

Well, back to stitching!


I almost forgot! PETJA PATTERN!

Petja Pattern - Click here!