Saturday, July 21, 2012

I've been working away on the Zep. project i've got going, though have made a few quick stitches for a change to the constant brown.

I've done Baby Mario and Luigi,

Thanks to Sprite Stitch for all three patterns, Or links to, in the case oft he Mockingjay!

and a Mockingjay, without the circle around it, though.

I plan to use this peice of evenweave that they're all stitched on, to make these small motifs/peices, and just fill it up! I think it will be neat to see the finished peice of... random things.


It's day three of sugar free - going ok! not craving anything yet, feeling a little off, but a small serving berries and greek yogurt fixed that up. om nom nom.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sugar free day 1

Well, so far so good!
Had a few long days this week, so not much stitching or anything got done.

I did manage to list the note book covers though!

They can be found on my etsy shop, smallstitchshop so go take a peek!

Monday, July 16, 2012



Up to the edge of the pattern. Hooray!

Should be able to get some yellow felt in the next few days to be able to start on fluttershys' book.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another MLP Cutie Mark notebook cover - this time it's Pinkie Pie!

I didn't have any nice bright pink to do the edging with, so I used a nice bright Variation floss instead - It's only got a little bit of light pink in it, and most of that ended up on the stitching on the back.

Next on the list of To-Do's is Fluttershy - And continuing on with my giant Graf Zeppelin cross stitch peice. :D

Friday, July 6, 2012

Busy Busy FJL!

I've been wallowing in the motherlode of longstitch and tapestry goodness. I found a heap of unstarted canvases at my local op shop.. and bought most of them. Some had kits, some didn't. I've learned things - I can do french knots! wool, and wool alone. >.<

I'm not sure *what* to do with th ones i've finished though - I think the tiger and the lady will be gifts, though - they were the two kit ones, and turned out the best, imo.

The other ones, I don't know. I might list them, I might gift them.. I might just frame them and spruce up the house a bit. Hmm.

There's one (the tapestry flowers) that i'verun out of BLANC on, but that's easily solved next time I go down to spotlight.






(this one's still in need of a proper stretching)


I hope you liked these! And my washing machine! ;)

I've been working on these more than the Zep. cross stitch - I find Longstitch to be more enjoyable, because it provides more instant gratification. I like gratification. ;) It was a really nice change of pace, too.

I haven't found anything more down there, yet, that aren't literally cut in half or something irreparable, but I'm keeping my hopes high!