Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Second band from the stitch along

It's beautiful- DDR :D

I'm so glad I caved and bought the missing colours, it's so vibrant :)
I made 2 substitutions, and plan to get a few new shirts soon, so I will definitely be wasting this design onto it!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Work experience and the uterus

Today was my first day at work experience, at best and less in the city.
I was unpacking pallets and boxes for half the day- the baby stuff is so cute!
And soft and fluffy and omg babby

Uterus now wants baby in there. Mind knows that it's unlikely to ever happen.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Iz my birthday :D

And.. I did very little.
Had a yummy fry up breakfast, Nutella on toast for lunch (omg Nutella *drools*) and a really nice pig roast with lots of veggies, pear sauce and a mountain of crackle.

I've done a bit of stitching, I really need to fix a hem in my work pants and I'm going for a nice long hot bubble bath soon.

Not a bad day at all. I'll be doing more birthday type stuff after payday, as the fiancée was left with no cash after a few doctors trips in the last month.
I'm hoping for a tour of the Boags brewery!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My birthday is tomorrow

And I've got everything organised..
As much as can be expected, anyway.
Posts will be short for the next few days as I'm almost out if data on my plan, but I'll still be attempting to post every day. :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

A new project!

Onto my next doohickey!

I'm doing the SAL on Sprite Stitch, but I already have a picture of it on my last post, so I won't worry about putting it here too.

I've just gotten the last couple of colours I needed, and have gridded out and started the baby sampler? Birth record? what are these properly called, anyway? baby thing for my to-be--second-cousin.

My cousin has about 8 weeks left until her due date, and is having a little boy. It's a funny story with my siblings and her and her siblings - both our mothers are sisters, and  both our fathers are brothers. We all grew up together, our little tribe - she's one of 5 and i'm one of 3. So it's quite a close bond we all have.

SO. Backstory over - I've just started this:

and have just started the bunny. like, two lines in.
 It's from a Cross Stitcher Magazine, April 2012 issue. :)

i'll update more as I go!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mario Kart Band = Done!

*happy dance*
I liked this band - nice and easy. A few colour changes, but the shading effects are always worth it.

Off to talk to my boss for next week - i'm doing a week work experience in Best and Less, for the finishing up of my Cert. 2 in retail. :)

And I may go to spotlight to check out the sales *crosses glingers fingers in vain for Aida to be on sale*

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mario Kart!

Ok so I forgot yesterday's post. That's because I was stitching this:

It's the first band in the April Sprite Stitch Stitch-along :) - Mario Kart!
I've only got Yoshi left to do.

Listening to Star Trek: Enterprise.


I also finished reading Dragon's Blood by Robin Hobb, yesterday. *wonders when her next book is coming out*

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Update - and an early birthday resolution.

Heya peeps - Happy April Fools day! Also chocolate egg day, hot cross bun day, and scratch yer bits day... not sure if that last one is real, though.

So I guess monthly  updates is the go.. except i'm going to do my damndest to update  29 more times this month. I have my birthday in a few days, and i'm travelling at the end of the month, so it's not like i'll have nothing to talk about. I have the blogger app on my phone,too,so I really have no excuse.

The pattern making juice has ebbed, this last  month - no new patterns short of a couple of sampler bands for the upcoming sprite stitch monthly challenge, and a quick Growlithe pattern that I made from an old red/blue sprite for a phone case I got,and promptly stitched all over.

So my resolution is to update once a day, for at least April, even if it's just a photo.


I finally took the crotch of the onesie I made last october up. No more red tomato sack onesie for me!

(it was really cold when I was over in Perth last. My bestie talked me  into it, and we just bought what was left on the bolt of the cheapest fleece we could find) It's not winning any beauty contests, but it's very good at being comfy and warm.