Friday, September 30, 2011


Boots was in a playful mood, a few minutes ago. Then he was in a "I eatz your face RAAAA" attack mode.


Found this in the crossstitcher UK magazine i subscribe to - viewers may remeber her from the forums, as PickleLady!

Go PickleLady!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Trippin Balls

well, Pokeballs, at any rate.
Tried my hands at Hama beads (think Perler Beads) and made up a few of these thingies.
Pokeball, Great ball and Ultra ball were all my colours on hand would let me make, but I think I saw at Spotlight some grey ones, so I should be able to do Dusk balls and the GS ball.

I made 3 of each, and turned 1 of each type into either a magnet, badge, or tag (that can be used on bag, mobile phone, etc etc.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sampler Gift, & Grace's Bag

well, it's taken me a while to do it, but i've finally finished it!
It's a sampler, for a cousin who is getting married in a month's time.
I got the bird motif here:

and I got the words (well the charts for the words) from teh Cross Stitcher UK magazine (issue 212). Had to do some hunting for that!

I've also got the bag for Grace done, though no photos of that.
Honestly, i'm glad i'm done, i've been really slow at stitching lately, and it's taken quite a toll on mental ability-ness.
Time for a few rest days! (a.k.a. until I get bored and the trichotillomania starts making itself known again...)
Also, Busted, Mr. Boots! Someone who *certianly* shouldnt be up on that windowsill!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


People are dying of it, you know.

Almost finished this peice:

but not sure where/how to place the last word. (i'ts Communism).
Also, anyone got any ideas for the name of the verse for this bible entry?