Thursday, March 22, 2012

This is Derpylocks.  Say hi, Derpylocks! 
Derpylocks was given to me by Gloom, on the regretsy forums.
Derpylocks is going to be put out to stud as soonas he grows up, hopefully producing lots of derpful gold babies.
This is the updated list of who wanted a gold!

In order of who'll get one: (done by random generator)
I *may* breed a second Gold - and influence it to be Female - first, so I can hopefully breed more golds,  faster.
1st - Savvy 
2nd- Beeby DONE! 22/3/12
3rd- HoE
4th- Cindy
5th- Rawr
6th- Pammy

After that, i'll be breeding on a first in, best dressed, list.

(Will be updated as neccesary.)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Patterns Ahoy!

Well, i've been busy! (hee... almost wrote busty. I'm not that. Sadly.)

I've done a heap of new patterns, that are just waiting to be listed. :)

A sample of what i've been making - yes, there is more!

 I need to finish off a few more, and then i'm going to stagger releasing them into the shop, I'm curious to see whether a steady stream of new listings = more views, etc, as opposed to one giant dump of new items. I think it will mean more views, but we shall see!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun stuff, stitching, and a visitor!

Welcome back, loyal minions ... readers!
I've been busy the last few weeks, and obivously haven't updated here much (see: at all).

I'm currently working on some shiny ideas for the shop, and possibly a rework of the blog's appearance.
The new shiny things are hush hush for now though - I'm hoping for a grand reveal sometime around Easter.

Shit I Have Been Doing:  (I need to make a pic or something for this, I think!)

I finished a Hellephant!  In my previous post, I showed you my new pattern - well here's the finished thing! :D

I also found this hee-larious new website: Louis Vs. Rick  "The story of a man who taught his cat to use instant messaging."   If you dont have to change your pants because you laughed so hard, you're not doing it right.

And I also had my bestest friend come a-visiting! I showed him all around beautiful tasmania, well, as much as he could see in a week! We went down to Hobart, and the Salamanca Markets, I took him to the beaches, drove the coastal roads, Fine Dining at the Riverview Pub ;), Devonport and surrounds, the Anvers Chocolate Factory (Mmmmmmm...), and a few awesome places around Deloraine, Latrobe, and the beautiful small towns that Tassie has.  I also took him to the Cataract Gorge, where there were peacocks and lots of pretty garden, bordered by winlderness. :)
I'll see if I can wrangle some pics together, soon. :)