Monday, March 3, 2014

It's that time again...

To crack open the floss boxes and start stitching for charity again!
Admittedly I've taken a little hiatus from stitching- I'd managed to bore a hole in my finger from the constant pressure of the needle from last time, that never really healed up. then I learned knitting, which gave my holey hands a chance to heal, as I used up all my brains to remember how to knit. 
I've almost finished my most complicated knit to date, but as it's a gift, I won't share it until it's done. 

I will however, share this.

The first few stitches have been sewn, and I'm on my way to completing this early screenshot from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.
I chose this because it has three cute and easily recognisable pokemon on it, and also because Krabby doesn't get enough love.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Knits and purls

I think I mentioned in my last post I've finally learned to knit? 
I'm currently making a baby blanket for a friend, it's been good for getting confidence in patterns with knits and purls. I'm a lot better, neater and faster at purls now.

I still need to learn cabling but I figure that can be done later, on a square of knitting that I can turn into fingerless gloves...
After I make Dalek fingerless gloves. I'll learn how to make bobbles for them :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014


So, back from they planned blogging hiatus. 
Didn't get up to much, other than the 'usual' Christmas/New Years stuff.
Had relatives from interstate visit which was nice, and saw off relatives that were moving interstate.

December was very wet and cool which while nice, was odd because, summer.
January and February (well, so far anyway) have been making up for it.

Amazingly I still haven't been to the beach, considering I have a car again  (finally!) from a great big helping hand called Mad Wheels, run out of my local church. 
The car is 29 years old, but in great condition, for its age. I know cars that are less than 5 years old that are in worse shape.

Anyway, I need To go and make dinner (risotto mmmmm) and feed the poor neglected kitty, haha. ;)

See? He's withering away. *snerk*

Friday, November 1, 2013

The cats on the keyboard

So I'm posting from my phone. Because I'm too nice to move him. Or in don't want to be clawed. Both work.

So! I've been knitting! I'm making a super cute mouse skin rug that'll be big enough for lord fluffbutt to roll around on in a catnip stupor. It's... Rainbow puke colour.

It's coming into summer here, so the yarn choices are a bit limited.. Plus the craft and wool stores around here are in decline because this city is slowly dying. Which sucks quite a lot actually..

Lookit! A real Rainbow Puke mouse tail!
Actually this things name will be Rainbow Puke, since I just decided. 

As you can see, he's not going nowhere.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inactiveness and new skills.

Yeah, it's been a while. I just haven't been in the mood.. Or had a stable internet connection to blog.

I've been learning new things though, and completing a rather awesome blanket.

Over the next few days I'll share all that I've been doing, and with any luck it'll get me back into the swing of blogging.

For now, have this :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Second band from the stitch along

It's beautiful- DDR :D

I'm so glad I caved and bought the missing colours, it's so vibrant :)
I made 2 substitutions, and plan to get a few new shirts soon, so I will definitely be wasting this design onto it!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Work experience and the uterus

Today was my first day at work experience, at best and less in the city.
I was unpacking pallets and boxes for half the day- the baby stuff is so cute!
And soft and fluffy and omg babby

Uterus now wants baby in there. Mind knows that it's unlikely to ever happen.