Friday, March 1, 2013

The monthly update!

because that seems to be how often i'm checking in. ;)
Been busy, working on a piece as a gift, so I can't show anyone yet, but it's SHINY.

listed some new patterns in the last fortnight, in no particular order: 
(links will be to shop delighted, as listing fees are less, and the more traffic that they get, the better the site can  be, and the sooner I can leave etsy for good.)

 Monolophosaurus - Click Here!
 Rainbow of Dipshit - Click here!
 Dovahkiin (Dragonborn) - Click Here!

Molecule (Big Bang Theory inspired) - Click Here!

 Leopards Gaze - Click Here!
 Tiger Eyes - Click Here!

 Dalek Silhouette - EXTERMINATE

apart from that, life is just continuing on as usual. starting anew course next Monday, so sporadic posts will be sporadic.