Saturday, February 8, 2014


So, back from they planned blogging hiatus. 
Didn't get up to much, other than the 'usual' Christmas/New Years stuff.
Had relatives from interstate visit which was nice, and saw off relatives that were moving interstate.

December was very wet and cool which while nice, was odd because, summer.
January and February (well, so far anyway) have been making up for it.

Amazingly I still haven't been to the beach, considering I have a car again  (finally!) from a great big helping hand called Mad Wheels, run out of my local church. 
The car is 29 years old, but in great condition, for its age. I know cars that are less than 5 years old that are in worse shape.

Anyway, I need To go and make dinner (risotto mmmmm) and feed the poor neglected kitty, haha. ;)

See? He's withering away. *snerk*

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