Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back In Action!


After Blogger went down for maintenance, and this blog was lost to the ages (or so it seems), I've decided to do a few things.
1) Restart the blog.
    This will more or less end up being a copy of the Wordpress blog, but I figure it's better in a way - if either goes down, there will still be a way to check up on me, and for me to update everyone as to what i'm creating.

2) Acutally do something with the Etsy store
    Again, it will likely hold most of the same items as the Artfire store, but i'll be making duplicates, so that's covered me against having the item bought at the same time on both sites!

3) When it's up, get going with Even Badgers...
     I'll likely stock different stuff on this, but we'll see how we go!

4) Promote my stuff.
    I've recently lost access to a car (stupid thing blew up, and wasn't worth saving), so i'll be doing this mainly through the interwebs, twitter, facebook, and possibly doing some markets around town. It's going into winter here, so the markets may be put on the back-burner. Any advice/personal experience dealing with markets is appreciated - I haven't done them for literally years, and i'm unsure what to go for with pricing, as I know there will be competition. 

5) Make a Facebook page so you all can like me
    I know this comes under the promotion, but it's on my to do list, so on it goes!

I think that was all on the list, but even if i've forgotten something, this is groundwork for getting myself noticed! (Without running around naked through the city. That's the bad kind of 'noticed')

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