Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sampler Gift, & Grace's Bag

well, it's taken me a while to do it, but i've finally finished it!
It's a sampler, for a cousin who is getting married in a month's time.
I got the bird motif here:

and I got the words (well the charts for the words) from teh Cross Stitcher UK magazine (issue 212). Had to do some hunting for that!

I've also got the bag for Grace done, though no photos of that.
Honestly, i'm glad i'm done, i've been really slow at stitching lately, and it's taken quite a toll on mental ability-ness.
Time for a few rest days! (a.k.a. until I get bored and the trichotillomania starts making itself known again...)
Also, Busted, Mr. Boots! Someone who *certianly* shouldnt be up on that windowsill!

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