Thursday, January 12, 2012

I've been busy!

Well, i've been busy!
I've completed a few new peices, and have listed some of them!
I plan to go back and edit the listings as I find the right frames.

Those that are listed:
The picture reallydoesn't do the colours justice. It's so much nicer in person! Hopefully I can find the perfect frame for it, to help bring out the colours. :)

The tiny dragon, which I featured in an earlier post, has a mat now! All i'm missing is the frame, which is on hold until next wednesday, when he gets framed, and enjoys another photoshoot. With frame:
Doesn't it look wonderful already?

Next up, is the little palace guard. I plan to do a few more, because these are too cute not to! I may branch out into plastic canvas for these, they'd make great magnets. I'm going to look into more nationalities, too!
I've also got a mat for him, too.

And the last one. I'm having trouble deciding what to do with this one! Part of me wants to find a tiny little retro frame, and another part of me wants to put it in a teensy hoop, that i'd colour in neon first! Decisions, decisions.

What will most likely happen, is that it will 'tell' me what it wants to do.

And lastly, but most definetly not least, a huge thankyou to Ouroboros, who sent me the mats!
Now, go check out her shop! :)  Ouroboros On Etsy

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