Sunday, December 30, 2012

A few interesting things..

I finally finished 1/2 of the bobbins i've got to wind! The other half are still bundled up in the baggie and loop system I had going, until it just got too big to manage... I got pulled over going through airport security a couple of months ago - they had no idea what the strange blob was! My stash has only gotten bigger since then.

So, go me!

I decided to annoy the cat while I was out in the loungeroom,

and then taking a quick pic of the frame i'm painting for part of a gift that's due next year - you can just see the sewing box that the fiancee got me for Christmas in the background! :D

And a friend on Facebook led me to this glorious thing.

Star Trek Cross stitch -- Captain Picard, "Set Phasers to Stunning" sampler

I think I need to make this.

I*know* I need to make this. mmmmm...

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