Thursday, March 22, 2012

This is Derpylocks.  Say hi, Derpylocks! 
Derpylocks was given to me by Gloom, on the regretsy forums.
Derpylocks is going to be put out to stud as soonas he grows up, hopefully producing lots of derpful gold babies.
This is the updated list of who wanted a gold!

In order of who'll get one: (done by random generator)
I *may* breed a second Gold - and influence it to be Female - first, so I can hopefully breed more golds,  faster.
1st - Savvy 
2nd- Beeby DONE! 22/3/12
3rd- HoE
4th- Cindy
5th- Rawr
6th- Pammy

After that, i'll be breeding on a first in, best dressed, list.

(Will be updated as neccesary.)

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