Saturday, October 20, 2012

The blog is twitching, but not quite dead.

Ok, i'll admit I've kinda forgotten about this for the last *mumble* weeks.
I have, however, been off dogsitting my baby girls, who are 11 and 12 years old. So of course they're my babies. ;)

Had a good trip. Probably wouldn't fly jetstar again though.. the service in flight was fine, but they don't connect your bags for you - you have to re-check-in at every stop... and they pushed back my flight back to tassie twice. One time without telling me. I was so lucky that I was staying with my mum, and not renting a hotel or something. Also lucky I checked the day before, to see if the flight was still at the same time!

I'm working on my brother's christmas present at the moment, then it's just figuring out what to do for my brother in law (though the gigantic advent calendar I made for my sis, bro in law and neice should be enough lol) and maybe something extra for my dad.. then i'm done!

I've also finished a really cool thing for my swap partner through Sprite Stitch, they should be getting it soon.

OH! I almost forgot to brag (lol)! I have been playing with painting aida, which acts a bit more like dyeing aida, when you accidentally add too much textile medium. So far i've made 3 pieces, one emerald green, one purple, and one black.

I've got plans for the green, the black may make it into a cross stitched bag, but the purple is listed on the shop. Australia Post sure know how to charge for shipping, though. :(

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