Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ponies.. Wanted Dead and Alive.

Ok, so I like my ponies. I like them between two slices of bread, I like them with sauce, I like them with bullet holes.

I also like them alive, too.

I've been making patterns recently, in the 3rd Gen style, which degenerated into making sprites of killing ponies pretty quickly. It was pretty fun, too.

my Delighted store has lots of G3 style ponies now, and there's more to come: Click here to go see Ponies!

However, the glue factory has claimed these three:

Rainbow Dash (as a G3 Pony, she was an Earth Pony, not a Pegasus)

Pinkie Pie:

and Rarity. I'm not her biggest fan.
Hence the chainsaw to neck action.

I'm currently dreaming up new and interesting ways to kill Fluttershy and Applejack... stay tuned!

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