Sunday, January 20, 2013

DINOSAWRZ, Family and a sale!

So i'm up to.. camptosaurus on my dinosaur alphabet - it may be up a day or two later than Monday though - family is visiting! :D

Went out for a delicious lunch today with them, and had a nice walk along the river foreshore. I forgot how nice it was down at the river.
View from my seat at the restaurant today!


The Camptosaurus is coming along well, I just need to colour match a few things and then it'll be up in the store on Shop Delighted. Clicky here to got to the shop! :D

I like Shop Delighted so much more than Etsy - it's a little quiet, sure, but it's still starting out, and importantly, not populated with cupcakes and resellers. It seems to be populated with FJL's and that is so, so awesome. 

On a very random note, i'm thinking of making a second SD store, purely for Star Trek stuff.

I'm also having a little bit of a sale - Any physical item on my SD Shop must go! I'll accept any reasonable offer, as long as it covers shipping. :) Sale ends sometime on the 23rd, just message me on SD to reserve/make an offer!
It's mostly finished cross stitches, but there's a few travel mug covers as well.
There's nothing wrong with anything, I just need space, and my little area just isn't big enough anymore.

I'm off to work on dinosaurs some more, and Maybe watch some Adventure Time. See ya! :D

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