Friday, April 5, 2013

A new project!

Onto my next doohickey!

I'm doing the SAL on Sprite Stitch, but I already have a picture of it on my last post, so I won't worry about putting it here too.

I've just gotten the last couple of colours I needed, and have gridded out and started the baby sampler? Birth record? what are these properly called, anyway? baby thing for my to-be--second-cousin.

My cousin has about 8 weeks left until her due date, and is having a little boy. It's a funny story with my siblings and her and her siblings - both our mothers are sisters, and  both our fathers are brothers. We all grew up together, our little tribe - she's one of 5 and i'm one of 3. So it's quite a close bond we all have.

SO. Backstory over - I've just started this:

and have just started the bunny. like, two lines in.
 It's from a Cross Stitcher Magazine, April 2012 issue. :)

i'll update more as I go!

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