Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Illness, stitching and Cutie marks

Well, I'd like to start by thanking Boots for his passion about kangaroo.

I'm feeling a bajillionty miles better than this time last week, which is good.

I've kept myself busy.. Well as busy as I could be when I wasn't hacking up a lung or asleep.

I finished the dark brown border of my cross stitch,


And I've made good progress on the ecru border inside that. I've barely used half a skein, and the ecru is almost done! It's a good feeling to have quick progress after using 2 and a half skeins for the first bit. After the ecru is done, it'll be back into the dark brown for another border. This one will be a bit more interesting though! If I'm going to stuff up anywhere, it'll be here.

No pic of that - you cant really see what I've done!

I did do one thing Ive never done before though- after finishing the border I took a break and played with waste canvas for the first time :)

I could only get 14ct locally but that's fine. I stitched this onto my back jeans pocket:



Not too shabby for a first go!

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