Saturday, August 25, 2012

Something funny happened on the way home today...

So I was on the way home today, after a big day of filling my head full of knowledge.
I was in the shops, getting some bits and peices for dinner, and I succumbed to my bitchy, hormonal mistress - chocolate.
I knew I should be good and resist, but chocolate stops the axe murderer in me Coming out to play.
I got the darkest I could- 85%.
Afterwards, while waiting for the bus, I broke off a little corner of the chocolate. Maybe 1/4? 1/3 a square.
It was delicious. Stupidly strong, mildly sweet, and an edge of mild bitterness. Normally I couldnt have eaten the stuff, it was so strong. I managed maybe a half of what I broke off, before it became too strong.

Now though, about 20 mins after having it... I feel awesome. Not bitchy, moody, feeling like crying all at the same time.

Chocolate = happy pills and no stabbyness. :D

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