Wednesday, August 24, 2011


wow. after so much ignoring this blog, suddenly i'm back up and running with it!

So, i finished those cards.
Got sick of the trees, and decided to branch out (ha) into a couple of wreaths to finish the ste off.  I'm thinking, that the next set I do will be black cards with silver thread, maybe gold as well.

I'm also contemplating making a goatse wreath, but i'll have to work that one out.... pun unintended. eew.

Pics or it didn't happen:

won't be listing these for a bit, want to make a set or two more. plus they wouldnt get me to a december listing. will probably list in a fortnight or two.

the colours do look better than the pics, i swear, but it's like, 10.30pm at the moment, so funnitly enough there's no sunlight.

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