Tuesday, August 23, 2011

in other news...

i've been attempting embroidery.
On cards.
this is 4 of 6 that I want for the first set. I really need to get some trifold cards, then the insides can be a lot nicer and neater. STILL, they look good!

 big plans for this guy!
 Ok, Kitty update - he's going very well, off to the vets for a new bandage on friday, and he's ready to GO. he's been going like a zyrtec, here he is playing hard to get, by squirming (and then getting stuck) in the tunnely bit of the enormous cat climbing castle that Amanda from work gave him. Thankyou, Amanda! As you can see (if you ever see this) he loves it - he clings to it if we try to get him off it.
Doc's at least said that though jumping down is a huge no-no, if he's going up, it's not nearly as bad.

Random dragon head - got the  spinnies really badly doing the details for this. took 3 days.. normally sould have taken 3 hours. >.<

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