Saturday, August 27, 2011

I has a proud

for years, i've been an utter craftard when it came to knitting and crocheting.

Well, i'm a lot less of a craftard now. Considering I can't look at the screen for very long, cross stitch or read because of my upgreaded vertigo (it's been labeled as chronic now! all abourd the spinny world!) i've started doing crochet, since I can look at it, and see the world around it. which seems to help the vertigo be not as bad.

This is my second attempt, took me all day yesterday to do, just 'cause of the stopping in between to let the ol' noggin clear.

and yes, it's a fingerless glove. my hand was cold, it was a rough square shape. now I have a warm hand. :)

it's not too bad! Once my brain clicked that it's a lot like finger knitting, I was off. tension seems to be the biggest problem at the moment, but that will come with time, and practice.

also finished this

been working on it for the better part of the month, a little at a time.

Photoshop & poser, and is avaliable as a print on Redbubble.

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