Saturday, August 6, 2011


Sorry I just dropped off the face of the planet there, been busy.
Life has decided to come and get me, so I haven't been too active with crafting things, but I have started playing with the idea of learning how to make candles.
I have made today, with my artistic ability:
2x Tealight Holders - one has "Enjoy Hell, Devils" and the other has a mustache on it. On the back of both, there is 'CF4L'.

5 failed tealight candles, that were vanilla scented, failed because the wicks fell in, but I couldn't save them before they hardened.

4 successful wax melts - from the same vanilla scented batch.

Not sure if i'll put them up for sale, probably not, honestly. But having said that, i'm pretty proud of myself - I've learned something. Not sure what it was, but it was something.

I've also made a pretty for the lovely MissBea, since it's her 21st coming up.

that's all folks (i've run out of imagination)

Hope to post again soon.

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