Saturday, August 20, 2011

Patterns, Kitty Update & Slight Rant

been busy today!
I've made a few cross stitch patterns.

Boots is doing really well - considering. had to go to the vets for another checkup yesterday, and they found that he'd had an enormous allergic reaction to the sticky bandage they'd used last time, and a pin had PEIRCED HIS LEG. poor fucker. So it was off to emergency surgery in the afternoon, and out it came. (the pin, not the leg). on the plus side though, he's healing up really really well. bone isforming nicely, and the vets are really pleased with his progress. Hell, they even gave him a bath, since we apologised that he stank like a filthy hippy.

This is him, and fiancee, that night. Derpy mcDerperson (cat) was still half stoned from the drugs and surgery. 

Been feeling rather crap lately - Mystery illness is a mystery - and it's back. was really not well towards the end of last year, and it seems to be rearing it's head again. This time though, it's going to cost me my job, because i'm 1) really not that well, and 2) "performance issues" - like being barely able to COPY A FUCKING PHONE NUMBER DOWN. While it's being read out to me.

Going to try for disability pension, it's sure as hell affected my working ability for more than 2 years, whatever the fuck this thing is, and looks like it's goin to do the same for the forseeable future. :(   If I do get it though, i'll be getting (including the fiancee's pay) within 200 a fortnight of what we're already getting in. which isnt so bad, really.

anyway, i'm off. need to go take some more drugs, the worlds spinny again. Oh, that's right, IT HASNT STOPPED YET. Augh. I hate hate HATE vertigo. 

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